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How versatile is your business Endoskeleton?


So what is an Endoskeleton? In nature, an endoskeleton is a framework of bones and cartilage which protects the internal organs, supports the body, stores vital fluids and allows movement with limbs... more




Alignment, the secret to modern business success


One of the biggest challenges facing modern businesses of all sizes is how to take the business to the next level of success and profit without the cost structure getting out of control. One of the biggest costs on most businesses Profit and Loss Statement is salaries and wages, or in simpler terms, people... more




How Important Are Emotions in Leadership Today?


With the rapid pace at which the current business market changes, the ability of the leaders in any business to make quick and good decisions is becoming more and more important. As more time is needed from leaders to keep up to date with the current business market, they have less time to manage their people, so they need to delegate a great deal more of the day to day operation to their teams... more


Many People Can Manage, But What Makes a Leader?


The business world is filled with people who can effectively manage tasks and departments to deliver results, but what happens when these managers are promoted up a level?... more


So what makes a great sales manager?


If you are looking for a way to take your sales management skills to another level of success, then this article should be of interest to you... more


Business Leadership Lessons From Home.


The inspiration for this article on Business Leadership came out of a mentoring session with one of my clients a few weeks ago and highlighted the fact that we can learn lessons from all sources if we are looking to step up our performance... more




Do you have a KP in your business?


Now I am not going to profess that I know Kevin Pietersen personally or that I have any inside knowledge about any of the occurrences that he has been involved in, but I am South African and very passionate about cricket. The reason for this article comes from the similarities I have seen as a successful business leader and many of the situations that KP has been involved in with the teams he has been associated with.... more




'Outside In' Marketing


I met with a successful business owner last week who has tried unsuccessfully for some years to break through a turnover figure which he has been desperate to achieve for many years. He has got very close in the last few years, without making that final break through which would bring him the level of success he was looking for... more


Marketing...the forgotten piece.


I am surprised by the way the majority of businesses I come into contact with approach their marketing strategy.  I was sitting with a business owner last week who wanted to discuss their latest marketing ideas with me so that I could help them develop a brand new marketing plan... more


How Emotionally Intelligent is your marketing?


If you have attended any top level sales training or read any of the numerous books on sales available in today’s market place, you will see repeatedly that the decision to buy anything is predominantly an emotional decision, in fact, most people who really understand sales will say that 80% of any decision to buy something is an emotional one... more


Is your marketing a cost or an investment?


We all know that to grow our business we need to market effectively to generate new customers to grow our business, however, as soon as business slows, one of the first things to go is the marketing budget!
Why is that?... more


What's the Key to Success in Today's Competitive Market?


In the majority of businesses in the UK today, the biggest figure on the cost section of any Profit and Loss Statement is almost always; wages and salaries. The challenge facing most business leaders is to make sure that this cost on the Profit and Loss is actually an investment and not just a cost... more


So why should customers buy from your business?


I have had the good fortune to meet up and speak with a wide variety of sales people in the last few weeks. The point most of them wanted to discuss with me was what they needed to do to win business in this current tough market, however, in each of the meetings I managed to turn the general and lively discussions into absolute silence every time I asked them my question... more


Positioning your marketing for better results.


How you position your product or service is vital to your success, whether you choose to do it proactively or reactively, and by reactively, I mean you don’t do anything at all about your positioning.

What then is positioning?... more


Attention! Is This Headline Working?


Without a headline that truly attracts the types of customers you are looking for, your product or service will just remain hidden... more





So what are the key factors that make people buy?


In today’s competitive market place, the ability of businesses to sell effectively often determines the successful growth of a business.  If a business is generating large quantities of great leads, but cannot convert these into sales, that business will struggle... more


How much value does your sales process add?


The key strategy to grow any business has to be how effective it is at converting leads to profitable orders, or in other words, sales... more


Increase your sales with effective follow up


As the business market becomes more and more competitive, the effectiveness of our sales people and processes becomes more and more essential. When I meet business owners and sales people, it is so surprising how little they focus on the follow up as part of their sales process... more


Empathy, One the Key Ingredients to Improve Your Sales Performance.


Sales is all about human interaction and the building of relationships, however, too often, sales people just follow their natural instinct and believe that sales is all about convincing the buyer about how great their product or service is... more


Optimism, the Skill That Can Take Your Sales Success to Another Level!


Everyone in business is looking for something that is going to make them more competitive in the current business market. Should we network at more business meetings or perhaps become more active on social
media sites?... more


Emotion vs Logic- The 80/20 Rule of Sales.


One of the biggest challenges I face when I am training sales professionals, is getting them to understand how important and how much effort is required to build a long term emotional relationship with other people... more






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