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What is Emotional Capital?


Today we’re working with a new balance sheet. Knowledge or intellectual capital has been and is the highly valued stock in most businesses. It’s what businesses know and use to create products or solve problems and ultimately create wealth. Yet knowledge is only the first of two important assets in business. The second is emotional capital – the feelings, beliefs, perceptions and values that people hold when they engage with any business. It’s the emotional assets in your organization that determine whether or not people will work well for you, buy from you, employ you and enter into business with you.


Three Core Elements:


1. External Emotional Capital - the value of the feelings and perceptions held by the customer and the external stakeholder towards your business.

2. Internal Emotional Capital -the value of the emotional commitments held in the hearts of the people within your business.

3. Intra-personal Emotional Capital - the level of positive, focused energy that you invest at work and in your personal life.


Emotional Capital Report (ECR)

Rigorous scientific research has identified ten emotional skills that drive leadership performance and separate great leaders from the rest. These ten skills can now be accurately measured by the Emotional Capital Report (ECR) – the world’s first scientifically developed psychometric for measuring emotional intelligence and leadership.

Working through Emotional Intelligence and using the profile will transform your people, your business and your results.


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